Build the Next Era of
Software Development

We will be de facto of
Software Development Industry Standard

Not just another Software Development

Based on our value, "Love & Success", we will guide our client to success with innovative way of software development
By using our Jitera, client can reduce Delivery time and Cost, and increase Quality.
And we are beliving this should be next era of software development.
Then, it should be the de facto of industry standard of Software development so that our project and client will be successful one.


  • Nao Yanagisawa

    CEO / Software Engineer

    Nao Yanagisawa

    He founded software development company when he was in Keio Univ and supported Japanese successful startup which achieved big M&A and IPO.
    After that he joined Recruit holding which is biggest HR company in Japan and worked as freelancer.
    He found we are writing almost same code everytime, and to avoid reinventing the wheel, created jitera.

  • Yota Numata

    CTO / Software Engineer

    Yota Numata

    He worked software development company and startups, joined Recruit holdings and worked as lead engineer for Japanese biggest real estate media.
    After that, he founded meditation app startup and aquired.
    And he felt jitera will be the product and business which is beautiful in marketing and development perspective, so joined in jitera development.

And others are from unicorn, decacorn startups, fortune 500 companies, or having founding experience and so on.


Our software development is different from traditional one

We don't admit multiple sub contract development and stay in weak position as software development company. Not just software which client want to create, but we will try to develop software which is required from market. Not just software but we will try to focus on getting sales and reducing cost from software. To achieve this, we are preparing new way of the software development which is from future.

1. problem and solution verification
Understand market problem and workflow, and discuss about solution
2. development / testing
Generate code, add custom coding, and test it to solve problem.
3. Release
4. plan KPI and improve
propose proper development based on Dev team experience and knowledge
5. develop based on plan
Based on the planning, we develop in agile way with new gen software development